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In this two-day hands-on 3D Printing workshop, participants will learn and explore the fundamentals of 3D printing—from ideas on paper to printed things.

We cover all aspects of 3D printing: computer aided design, 3D modelling, slicing, 3d Printing Objects and finally the 3D printing process. 

This is a great workshop for getting an entry level start to 3D printing, from modelling to the actual printing. Participants who are already familiar with 3D printing will also gain better insights into what 3D printing is (or is not) about and learn how to make better use of.

Topics will include:

• Basic Introduction to 3D Printing Technologies.

• Application of 3D Printing Technologies

• Types of 3D Printing Technologies

• How to design 3D Printable Object

• Mesh Mixing of 3D Printable Object

• Failures in 3D Printing

• Live demo and 3D Scanning

• Introduction to Artistic designs

• Earning potential of 3D Printing

Requirements: Participants should bring their own laptops


Learning Team:


May 27, 2017 — 9:00 am to
May 28, 2017 — 6:00 pm

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Surat, Gujarat